Day 40: Truckee, CA to Fallon, NV

It was cold in Truckee (30s?) when we left and headed over some mountains into Lake Tahoe. I found this spot at a public park on the water to let the dogs run & sniff. The water obviously too cold for Nik to swim. The lake was emerald in color but it doesn’t show in this photo.


After some picture-taking there, we headed over more mountains into the desert for stops in Minden and Carson City. Then it was on to Reno which is an incredible city if you’re into neon signs. Lots of other fun stuff as well. This casino pedestrian overpass is amusingly grandiose:


This casino signage looks like it might have been designed by a 14-year-old girl:


I’ve seen a couple other Jack LaLanne statues on this trip but I believe all the fitness centers have different names now:


This water store/vend-o-mat has a modern but nice sign. I’ve never seen a whole row of water machines before. Is there something wrong with the water supply in Reno or is it just cheaper to buy from machines?


A cute sign detail at a motel in Reno:


Signature Landscapes in Reno has a couple nice sculptural pieces:


A wedding chapel in Reno:


Lots of classic motels still around in Reno:


This one has a great wedding cake office entrance. The Farris Motel was built in 1949.


I have never seen a Hamm’s sign before. This one was 3-D with the foam as the part with the highest relief.


And lastly, a hand-painted sign at a mattress store:

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