Day 39: Sacramento to Truckee

The stuff in Sacramento took up most of the day. Then we headed on to smaller cities northeast of there, starting the push towards home. It was a shocker heading over the Sierra Nevadas (Donner Pass, no less!) and seeing snow and having to wear a jacket. The weather forecast for the cross-country drive home this week is not good. Lots of rain, maybe some snow here and there. Granted, I’ll be on I-80 most of the time. Maybe I should’ve stayed in CA and done the Bay Area after all and then done a killer drive home. Or maybe I’ll just get back a couple days early if the weather’s not conducive for taking pictures. Not the end of the world since I have a lot to deal with back home.

Anyway — lots of blog photos from today. Let’s start with this neat beekeeping store in Sacramento:


A cool spaceship sculpture at a space-themed children’s playground called “Universal Universe” in Sacramento:


In the afternoon, we checked out another dog park in Sacramento. Here’s a photo of the one in Granite Park. Decently big and secure chain link fencing than so I felt comfortable with Grem off-leash. Also kiddie pools which Nik really appreciated with his manic ball-chasing.


Fix and Nik spent most of the day in the front seat together while Grip and Grem alternated between my lap and the back of the van. I think everybody will be relieved with the long interstate hauling back home so they can get some solid rest.


An adapted Pioneer Chicken sign — here’s what they normally look like:


I don’t recall ever seeing a Canada Dry sign before:


An adapted hamburger drive-in sign. The place is now vacant again so chances are good that this burger will get painted over by the next business.


Lots of these signs in Sacramento. I’ve never seen prices assigned like this in any other city:


This produce stand was closed in Loomis or I definitely would’ve gotten some goodies. Honestly, I do eat more than junk food! The sign might have been neon originally — hard to tell. I’m sure this painting is recent — but still very nice.


And lastly, a trailer dealer in Auburn was selling these cute little trailers. Available in white, yellow or camo, if you prefer. There was also this igloo-ish structure. I imagine it’s purchase-able — but for what, I’m not sure. There was no bottom.

4 thoughts on “Day 39: Sacramento to Truckee

  1. interesting little bubble home…

    LOVE the shot of Fix and Nik together..the paws are too cute!


  2. I love the paws, and I believe you when you say you didn’t pose them…
    Funny how much Sacramento needs that extra dollar!

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