Day 44: Julesberg, CO to La Salle, IL

Not much to report — nothing but interstate today. 750 miles worth. Some rain and high winds but nothing terrible. Hopefully, with an anticipated early start and good weather, we’ll be home late tomorrow night. Just a mere 850 miles to go. Then I’ll post those remaining photos here on Sunday morning with the final posting for this trip. It’s COLD here near Chicago and we’re all eager to be home where I hear it’s in the 60s.

6 thoughts on “Day 44: Julesberg, CO to La Salle, IL

  1. Drive safe – you’re almost home! Thanks again for sharing this epic road trip with all of us.

  2. Debra Jane– I-80 around the bottom of Chicago can be scary. Construction and lots of trucks. It’s great that you’re getting that part of the drive over with when you’re fresh, first thing in the morning. Once you hit Indiana, it’s all good.

    By the way, LaSalle/Peru and Ottawa had some great old neon and crumbling deco last time I was there, about 10 years ago. I had a drink at a glass brick bar which was quite the local experience.

    All my best wishes are with you on this last leg of your trip. –Gale

  3. Well,

    I thought I was gonna be able to sneak into Long Island without you being in NY state. -grin-
    Headed out there Tues and Wed to check on some diners for finalizing the book.

  4. Have a great time — I should be back at work on Monday. I should arrive back in NYC late tonight (Saturday).

  5. Gale: Yes, I know that loop around Chicago all too well. I’ve gotten stuck in traffic there a half dozen times. So I was able to get out of there in the wee hours of the morning. No time for stopping to shoot at this point. Plus the weather is still crummy (rain). I know I was in Peru awhile back. Don’t remember what for or what I shot at this point. Thanks for the good wishes.

  6. vintage: you’re quite welcome — it’s been fun having virtual companions. I’ll wrap things up later tonight or tomorrow morning (depending on what time I arrive & how much there’s left of me physically by that point).

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