Day 25: Pasadena to Downey

Another wonderful and productive day. Only problem is, I had some trouble getting on-line tonight and now it’s after midnight. So let’s get right to it!

The dogs got a nice run in Pasadena this morning at the Alice Frost Kennedy Off-Leash Dog Park. It was already hot by the time we got there so I kept bringing them back to the hose & fountain to keep them wet. With the heat, I’m even more motivated to get stuff done and get to the coast. I’ve basically been working from east to west in the L.A. area. It’s hard to come up with any more reasonable way to do it as the area is really just one big sprawl. I have literally been jogging back and forth to the van now when taking photos to try to maximize the number of stops per day. With all the sitting behind the wheel, it’s probably a good idea to get a little exercise. People must think I’m either nuts or up to something.

Early in the day in Pasadena, I found a nice little old canopy gas station. I had to admire the wonderful little Mini Coopers and MGs as well. My very first car was an MG Midget and I loved that thing. When it got total-ed in an accident (hit from behind), I begged my parents for another one. Fun little cars but very expensive since they constantly need repairs and parts from England. I finally moved on to reliable and economical VW Bugs and vans.


I’m not sure if this place in Pasadena was ever part of a chain. The building didn’t look familiar or the shapes of the sign. But it had one of those lovely cheese hole sleeves like Denny’s did:


I’ve seen photos of this sign with the ballies all up on top. Made me sad to see it this way:


A cute sign at Chroni’s Hot Dogs:


A fun one from East L.A.:


I don’t know if this was always a liquor store or if it was ever a burger joint:


A lovely Art Deco building suffers a humiliating adaptation. Still kind of amusing though.


I wonder why know one thought to do this before. Or maybe they have but I’ve never seen it:


And you can never have enough arrows:


And lastly, a variant on the “Scary Chef” statue ( that I haven’t seen before. And just what is he holding? Candlestick holders? Weird wine glasses?

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