Day 24: Pomona to Pasadena

A very productive and exhausting day. Some road construction and traffic here and there but I must’ve hit well over 100 stops from my list today. Tomorrow, should be more of the same. I’m frantic to get through my L.A. area stacks so that I can get back on track for the rest of trip’s plans. I can spend about another week on this portion which just might be enough if I keep cranking at this pace.

It’s been hot — highs in the 80s — in the areas we’ve been traveling through. And it’s only March! When I see the dogs panting, I give in to the AC for awhile. I try to tough out the heat so that I can get the true experience of the place I’m in. I know this much for sure: I could never live in the desert. If I move back here, it will have to be somewhere on/near the coast.

Okay, so we have irises back home, too. But we don’t usually see them til Summer. And everywhere I’ve been for the past couple days, you can smell flowers. Cherries, jasmine, and I don’t know what else. It sure beats the smells back in NYC!


There are a lot more old cars on the roads here. Cars I haven’t seen in 20 years or more. Sure, there are the restored classic muscle cars & such. But there are also the beaters that just keep going. I haven’t seen a cute little Datsun like this in I don’t know how long:


Another Art Deco supermarket for you:


And an Art Deco detail from Pasadena (the Armani Exchange store):


I saw a LOT of mid-century chain restaurants today. Some on my list and some not. This might be one of a chain — or it might not:


This would look like it possibly a Chip’s or a Griff’s, but the A-frame roof slopes down in back so I don’t know what it is:


I was looking for an example of a midcentury “Taco Paco” stand in West Covina. The closest I could come to the address given (slightly off) was this place. But from the signage, it seems it’s been Manny’s since 1971. According to my notes, the Taco Paco stand was built in 1959, so this could still be it.


Here’s half of a Color Tile sign. You don’t see many of these left. When you do, the letters are usually painted over with some clever spelling that fits the sign’s squares:


A fun alcohol theme sign from Pomona. This must’ve had neon where the plastic parts are now:


And, lastly, a donut sign variation. Not in the best shape with pieces missing. I don’t know if the sign was originally more donut-like or if it always had these little designs:

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