Day 26: Downey to San Pedro

I must’ve been through more than a dozen cities today. Bellflower, Artesia, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, Paramount…are the ones that come to mind. Finally, made it to Long Beach which took about half the day. A great off-leash doggie beach in Belmont Shore was a great way to end the day for all of us. Grem disappeared down the beach for quite awhile and I was just about to panic when I saw a black dot on the horizon flying towards us. The Pacific was warm enough today for Nik to get a lot of swimming in. He’d been tortured all day by the salty smell and views of the beach. I think he’s starting to understand “later, buddy, not now”. Grippie has mastered the art of sleeping in a sitting position:


I think these bushes might be what I’ve been smelling the past couple days. I want to say azaleas but I don’t think that’s it. They’re more like cherry trees but in bush form. Can anyone identify them?


I saw more summer flowers today including these white roses. I understand it’s freezing back home in NYC.


Some other “plant life” caught my eye today: palm tree-shaped cell phone towers. They sure beat the plain old white ones we have back home — but they always give me a chuckle:

This one was more natural underneath the metal sheathing but they had to run a bunch of wires up the trunk for some reason:


This Art Deco building must have been so serene before all the pizza shop signage. Sheesh, couldn’t they come up with something just a little more respectful? I love the way the little ballie sits on the point.


Somehow this pharmacy sign got adapted to “P” something from the Rx. But the building is now empty so who knows what will happen to it next:


I’d love to know the history of this Long Beach sign:


This sign hangs above the Tidy Dog Self-Serve Dog Wash in Long Beach. I don’t know if the place used to be a laundromat or if this sign was recently installed in a humorous retro sort of way.


Lastly, this giant baby was standing in front of the Long Beach Museum of Art. He really creeped me out. I had to Google him tonight. I’m still not clear about his significance but here are some additional photos of the “Child”:

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