Day 11: Southern & Central TX

Be careful what you wish for! It was hot today — in the 80s I think. Of course, we were skirting the Mexican border for most of the day so I guess that was part of it. I even turned the AC on in the van: something I really only do when the dogs start panting hard. Poor Grip still has a heavy winter coat on. They say it helps insulate but I have my doubts. She was much more uncomfortable than the other naked members of my family.

Vast distances covered today between stops. We’ve reached the sandy, dusty, dry part of the state that’s for sure. Most small towns looked bad off economically. Downtowns just scraping by or totally deserted (however, it was Sunday so most things were closed I guess).

Here’s a long-closed theatre in Harlingen:


A neat Stremline Moderne building in Harlingen — I have no idea what it housed originally:


The remains of a sign in McAllen. I love the different shapes and colors of the lightbulbs. And the blue & white Streamline-y building against the much-appreciated blue & white sky.


There’s also a Streamline-y J.C. Penney store in McAllen:


I love the little perched windows on the side of that building:


Another example of old-fashioned display windows in Alice:


Also in Alice, these street lights looked exceptionally old to me:

Bougainvillea, right?


Let’s wrap up with three signs. This one stands on a vacant lot. The building next door sure doesn’t look like it might’ve been a bus station:


Certainly a sign of the times — Lonnie’s, having lost its neon, is surrounded by new development. I fear plans for a Sonic Drive-in or Burger King are already in the works.


As I was pulling off the highway to settle in for the night in Devine, I saw this nice plastic sign:

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