Day 12: Western TX

Today, I fell in love. No, not with a midcentury building or another rescue dog or some grand theatre. I am now addicted to “ranch gates”. I wrote down the locations of each of these but I hope you’ll forgive me not including them since it’s 1 am and I should be resting for tomorrow’s next big photo-shoot. I’m going resist the temptation to start a new section at my website for these guys. Surely, there must be books or websites about them already. (If so, please let me know as I need to know!)


This one came out blurry (shot in pouring rain) but at least I got a detail shot as well:




The day started off in Devine with flash flood warnings, thunder & lightning, and torrential pouring rain. I thought I might have to sit the day out in a hotel. That’s what a sensible person would have done. It was scary driving through barren landscapes with no cell phone service. But the day got better as we went westward. By mid-afternoon, the skies were just incredible (forgive a few bugs on the windshield):


I ventured across the border to Mexico to shoot a Muffler Man. Getting across was sure easy enough. But getting back was a bit of an ordeal. I had my passport and my dogs’ papers with me but the agents still made me feel like I was lucky to get back in. The dogs had to stand in a kennel near the van while the agent went through it for illegal aliens, drugs, fruit & vegetables… And then the questions… I should’ve just lied and said I was visiting a relative. But, no, I had to say I went to take a picture of a statue & that just seemed too fishy I guess. And I was going to California via south TX and Mexico? My honesty has always gotten me into trouble.

I was in and out of Mexico so quick that I really only took photos of the Muffler Man. I was pretty paranoid that I didn’t have Mexican car insurance (which I think I’ve read you really should have or god knows what will happen to you). And then the road signs were in Spanish (which I only speak about 20 words of). And the streets were full of giants puddles from the rainstorm). Plus I was a bit worried about getting lost with a quarter tank of gas and no map.


So, let’s end with a few sights from Del Rio. A town that despite smelling of overpowering cow poop (at least that’s what I think it was), still had a lot of surprises:

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