Day 10: Houston to the southern tip

Now we’re talking: sunny all day & t-shirt weather. They say 80 tomorrow! Hearing that it was rainy and cold back in NY made it seem all the nicer. Covered a lot of miles today. Houston to Harlingen in itself is 330 miles. Add on sidetrips off the highway. That means I didn’t take as many photos as usual but I’m getting back on schedule and am set up nicely to take a lot of photos tomorrow. I have never been in South Texas so this is exciting for me.

I found a spot of beach for the dogs to play in Corpus Christi. Nik got to play in the Gulf which wasn’t too cold for him to swim. Fixie got some of those nasty goatshead stickers in her feet and was not happy. Grip found a dead seagull. Grem had fun barking at the live ones overhead. She would jump straight up in the air as if she might catch one if she tried hard enough. Pretty funny.
OK — on with the show.

A couple not worthy of the website but deserving honorable inclusion here:

An old used-ta-be theatre in West Columbia:


A cute ice cream stand in Beeville:


Quite an ATM machine! (Corpus Christi):


And at the same bank:


Time for a regional diversion — I’ve been seeing these guys around. I think they are some sort of yucca but I’m not sure. I asked a few locals and they didn’t know either.


We had these cactus in my backyard when I grew up in Southern California — but I can’t remember what they’re called:


I’m pretty sure these are Texas Bluebonnets, right?


Miami Beach? No, Corpus Christi!


I had a great time in this city which has a rich mix of architectural styles. I have no idea what this building was originally but you gotta love the bright paint:


I came upon this car dealership that features two retro elements: a huge silly sign and a diner-esque gigantic office. Both pretty tacky but I still found them entertaining.


I managed to sneak in a stop in Raymondville as the sun was setting. I wish I’d had more time to check the little town out — but I did grab a couple quick shots of these two interesting buildings:

a Streamline Moderne affair (theatre? dept. store?):


I love the grandiose details on this little cutie:

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