Day 13: Alabama

It rained again for most of the day but I finally got a break in the afternoon. I managed to squeeze in the northern Alabama stuff I had to skip earlier in the trip and still stay on schedule. No hitches or glitches to report. I’ve got more photos for the blog today than for Flickr, so let’s get started!

I stumbled across this little mid-century “roundie” in Irondale and while it’s no architectural masterpiece, some folks might enjoy it. I don’t know what it was originally but for now, it’s a dentist office.


Now if more modern businesses took this approach to signage, the world would be a better place. This giant calla lily and sculptural fence are from Birmingham:


Miss Electra looks down on Birmingham from atop the Alabama Power Company Building:


Here’s the first group shot of the four world travelers together (well, IF I’m keeping her). This was natural posing — not the greatest composition. But what’s noteworthy is that at least little “you-you” has learned that when the van doors open, you have to wait for the “okay” to jump out. That’s a step in the right direction even if she hasn’t learned her name or how to pee/poop on-leash yet.


Are you hungry? Here’s a new one on me. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Southern delicacy: the moonpie. Personally, I think you have to be born here to enjoy these mushy and tasteless snacks. But I couldn’t resist sampling this orange version that I hadn’t seen before. It was better than the original flavor since it had a little more punch to it. A step above soft cardboard and I love the color. Hey, what do you want for 59 cents?


But I did find some tastier items at Priester’s Pecans in Fort Deposit. Priester’s has this huge candy & gift shop and another location in Perry, GA. I’m a sucker for any kind of nuts. Suffice it to say, I scored enough goodies to last me the rest of the trip – and then some. They have a huge mail order / on-line business so you need not feel left out. I can whole-heartedly recommend the “pecan fiddlesticks”:


There is an overhead viewing area where you can watch the nuts being roasted and the candy being made.


And I just love this display — who knew there were so many different kinds of pecans?


Just a little further down the road is the Bama Nut Shop. How could I resist a place with signage like that? I got a huge bag of peanuts for the dogs. They love shelling the peanuts themselves and making a big ol’ mess.


While we’re on the subject of nuts, I should mention the cute little figures scattered around Dothan. This town hosts the annual National Peanut Festival. Here’s a patriotic little group representing the various armed forces – and more characters if you’re interested here:


The Byrd Drug Company in Troy is half pharmacy and half lunch room. It’s not the classic counter & stools ice cream parlor arrangement. But the counter and tables set-up still has an old-fashioned feel. The signage is great and includes a neon bird in the sign affixed to the corner as well as etched glass birds on the door.


Burger Chef fans can add this one to the list of “survivors” (well, partially anyway). This sign/building are what’s left of the Ozark location.


Getting gas down South is sure a lot more fun with these kangaroo and bunny stations. This “Hop-In” station features rabbits and bouncing colored balls on the pumps and inside the store. Sorry for the blur — I’m not sure what happened:


And lastly, a couple signs to lead us out of today’s program. This cutesy billboard was in Luverne. I don’t think it’s advertising anything in particular (the other side was a painted American flag).


This plastic sign from Birmingham is a knock-out. Apparently, this business is still in operation in some form as there was still an office inside the building. But I don’t know if they still answer the phone for you.

5 thoughts on “Day 13: Alabama

  1. Why, oh why, did your gang not teach Flop how to shell peanuts? The screaming at the motorcycles thing was not quite what I was looking for…..

  2. You mean Flop requires you to shell them for him? He must not have been on the street long enough to figure out “packaging” himself.

  3. I’m glad you like it. I find all round buildings irresistable. 99.9% of what’s built today is square or rectangular. You’d think these survivors would be more appreciated.

  4. BYRD DRUG: The lunch counter and most of the fixtures are, in fact, originals. So is the Coca-Cola banner sign out front, and the “Rx Drugs” Coke sign on the Oak Street side of the building.

    Unfortunately, the neon sign with the animated bird is a “remake”, but it’s faithful to the original. I’m told a truck driving too close took it out a number of years ago.

    The milkshakes are the best anywhere. Real ice cream.

    I lived in Troy for 10 years (about 9.5 too many), and wasn’t too fond of the place, however Byrd’s lunch counter was a diamond in the rough.

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