Day 14: Georgia

The sun finally came out which made things a lot more pleasant and productive. I had a long haul through back roads across the whole state of Georgia so am feeling pretty wiped out. Let me get these photos up this morning so I can get a little nap in before hitting the road again.

Let’s start with a mid-century building from Abbeville: the Henry County Courthouse:


Abbeville’s little downtown theatre, the “Archie”, is unfortunately closed as are many other theatres that I’ve seen on this trip:


The facade is all that’s left of the Walker Theatre in Fort Gaines. The box office looks out onto a vacant lot. The owners are working towards making it an “open air” theatre with only one third of the building having a roof.


The Blakely Theatre (in Blakely) is closed but undergoing renovation:


Here are a couple signs that caught my eye. This giant boot sign in Albany is abandoned (the shoe repair is long gone):


Ashburn mixes humor and civic pride. In addition to its giant peanut on I-75, the town hosts this annual festival:

2 thoughts on “Day 14: Georgia

  1. Wow! So many theatres! I’m having trouble imagining such an open air theatre. Going to a movie is something to do when it’s raining….love the little ant at the end, he’s cute!

  2. Yes, I’m having trouble figuring out what “open air” means, too. I’m thinking benches and the screen/performers under the roof. When I was a kid at Yosemite National Park they used to show old movies kinda like that. Log benches under the pines with the smell of campfires. Maybe a small town version? I’ve heard about the renovation of this place for years now and I don’t see a lot of progress.

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