Day 12: Mississippi & Alabama

It was much more of a soggy day than a bloggy day. It has rained now for three days and I have forgotten what the sun looks and feels like. It was all I could do to shield my camera from the water for the “real” photos for the website so I only have one photo for the blog today. The weather report looks a little better for tomorrow. The other thing that sucks about this weather is that I lose an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening of shooting time because the light is so bad.

Here’s today’s mini contribution then from Pell City, AL. A modern sign but a very nice effort to be different and artistic:


The big event today I guess was when Nik went after some funny-looking ducks in a stream. The duck he singled out eventually won the game by ducking (is that how they got the name?) underwater when Nik would get close and then reappearing someplace 15 feet away. This taunting only made Nik nuttier and he didn’t give up til he was near hypothermic. The water was cold and he was in there for what seemed like 20 minutes. There’s not much I can do at times like this as he get so frenzied he just tunes my screaming out. I do my best to investigate the “wildlife situation” before letting him off-leash to run but sometimes critters turn up unexpectedly. He’s never gone after ducks before — so now I know better.

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