Day 11: Louisiana & Mississippi

Lots of miles between stuff and it rained all day. So not the most productive day for picture-taking. But the stuff I went out of my way for was very much worth it. I only have a couple pictures for the blog this time.

The Joy Theatre in Arcadia, LA looks like it hasn’t been open in years. All the businesses in this little downtown have steps leading up to them. Very old Wild West to me but maybe it has something to do with flooding. Note the water spots on my lens: it was truly a sucky day to be shooting.


I often get asked how I have the energy for this rigorous road-tripping pace. Here’s my secret: about three bottles of Diet Coke and at least one sugary snack per day. Preferably ice cream in summer and donuts in winter. Here’s today’s indulgence: a bursting with goodness raspberry-filled donut from Haskell’s in Monroe, LA. You know a donut will be good if it’s assymetrical or deformed in some way.

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