Day 7 & 8: TN, GA, AL, MS

I took a couple days off from blogging to sleep, socialize and dock dive. Friday, I met up with Shani in Rome, GA which was great fun. I had only knew her through her photos at Flickr. Just a few hours later, I met Tim Hollis, the author and modern culture historian, near Birmingham, AL. He gave me a tour of his massive collection of pop culture stuff which fills two houses. So this did cut into my picture-taking time but it was good to recharge and meet some folks with similar interests. Yesterday and today, the camera and van will get more rest while Sputnik jumps in a pool (dock diving) here in Pearl, MS. Then we’ll be “back at it” this afternoon — heading to LA for dinner with the Milks.

Here are some photos taken between all these events.

This neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN has these sweet street sign toppers:


In downtown Chattanooga, this is part of the Creative Discovery Museum:


Mosaics from the Riverwalk in Chattanooga:


A crusty old supermarket shopping center sign. I bet this one won’t be around too much longer:


I’ve seen these real estate billboards all across the South with people’s faces on them (much like politican ads). This is the first time I’ve seen a car wrapped this way (from Rome, GA).


I love it when companies take their sign-making so literally. This real dryer (and sign) are from Fort Payne, AL:


A couple building shots from the Golden Moon Casino in Choctaw, MS. It was designed by Architectonica and opened in 2002:


Cruising on I-20 at 80mph with this hay bale truck in front of me — made me a little nervous:


A big Halloween “hi” from this hay bale creation just south of Dectaur, MS:

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