Day 9: MS & LA

A busy day but not a lot of photos for you here. I went straight from dock diving near Jackson, MS to meeting Mr. Milks in Bossier City, LA. I pretty much yanked Warren and Dorothy Milks from their house to get some photos in the daylight with Warren and a Roto-Sphere in Shreveport (just a couple exits away).


Warren Milks, in case you don’t know, invented these spinning neon signs. I have information and examples from around the country at my webpage:

Dorothy made us a little supper while Warren showed me a CD he had made from his old movie reels. It shows many of his signs including the Turn-Star, Roto-Ring, Roto-Sphere, the famous bowling pin Roto-Sphere, as well as a number of other big, impressive signs he created. Bossier City was a little Las Vegas during the 1950s/1960s and Warren made a lot of signs for the “honky tonks”. I will get this CD up to YouTube when I get home so y’all can have a look.

I have one other sign for you from Jackson, MS that won’t make the cut for my website but deserves a momentary pause here:


Today (I’m writing this blog the morning after), I’ll be back on the road. I’ve got some stuff on my list for Shreveport & then it’s down to Alexandria and other Louisiana things. There will be a bigger “misc.” package here tonight.

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