Day 6: North Carolina & Tennessee

I was too wiped out to blog last night so I’ll catch up this morning. I’ve taken a good look at the stack o’maps and the list since it’s time to prioritize. Only one more day to play since I’ve got to be in Jackson, MS Saturday morning (dock diving with ‘Nik this weekend). At the moment, I’m near Chattanooga so that leaves a lot of miles & sights to bang out today. I don’t mind being stationary for a couple days in MS though as we all need to recharge & take some long naps.

On with the photos — just a few for today.

A sweet metal teepee at the Arrowhead Motel in Whittier, NC:


Northwest of Hendersonville (Edneyville) is a faux Wild West sort of place known as Bub Huder’s Ranch. There are some roadside giants which will be appearing at my website and Flickr (a classic Muffler Man, an Indian Muffler Man, a Chip’s Hamburger character statue, a couple steakhouse steers), old signs and whatnot.


Also at the Ranch were, of course, lots of cattle. These guys were all very wary of me.


The Smoky Mountains area has no shortage of hillbilly and Indian imagery. This big gas station/convenience store chain uses this comic/offensive image:

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