Day 7: Wisconsin

Two words sum up today: Clouds and Traffic. It felt like I was getting nowhere with all the construction, detours, and traffic jams — but, oh, the scenery! I’ll spare you the photos of traffic but here are a couple of cloud shots.


I started the day in Dubuque, IA at the SW tip of Wisconsin and ended up in Milwaukee at the SE tip. I tried to get as much done in on my list between the two cities as I could but I had to skip quite a few. At this point, I am seriously behind schedule and will have to narrow things down to priorities. I’ll have to do an additional Wisconsin trip another time to get the rest. The dilemma is whether to just to focus on the southern part of the state or to grab the most important stuff willy-nilly all over. I’m leaning towards the latter. And I would really like to grab some stuff in Minnesota as well (still holding out hope!).

On with the photos!

These two shots were taken at daybreak in Dubuque so the sun added yellowish-ness and wiped out the focus/detail. But anyway. There is no WAY in hell you could ever get me on this incline railway. It was truly terrifyingly steep.


Here are three shots from Milwaukee.

I ran across this well-concealed former Burger Chef near the airport. The window shape at the left is a give-away. In case you’re not familiar with what the buildings originally looked like, have a look at this page:


Just a few doors east was this drive-in restaurant which now focuses on ice cream:


Just south of the Downer Theatre, I stumbled upon this little gem which crowns what must have been a car dealership or garage. The building itself is huge but nothing special and now houses a book store, Starbucks, etc. Sorry for the blur — I was shooting directly into the sun:

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