Day 8: More Wisconsin

It was a fairly productive day though it seemed like I spent way too much time on the interstate. I’m trying to blast back and forth across the state in desperation to squeeze as many places in as possible. The weather has been much cooler the past couple days — and the glorious clouds continued again today.

I have quite a few photos to share and it’s already midnight so let’s get cracking.

Here’s a cute little shop in Milwaukee (second photo so you can see around the tree):


Milwaukee has tons of great mid-century buildings. Even a committed apartment dweller like myself fantasized for a moment about living in a place like this. Note this is a back view taken while walking back to the van from shooting something else. I particularly like the breezeway (open area between the house and garage on the right).


Okay. So what can I say about this one. Aside from the bumper stickers, I noticed an extremely foul odor emanating from this vehicle. Quite clearly it was a dead something smell and it was coming from the white tarped object in the back. Note no window there. I’m assuming it was a dead deer that a hunter had forgotten about? Could it have been a human body? Should I have called the cops?


Westby, WI is quite proud of its Norwegian heritage and has references scattered around town. My favorite business name of the day goes to the “Uf-da-Mart”.


Embossed plastic signs are really growing on me. Here are a couple of nice ones. The Singer sign is from Spring Green, WI (still a fabric and sewing store). The bakery sign is from La Crosse, WI.


Here’s another old sign of sorts (though MUCH older). It’s part of the original Heileman brewery building in LaCrosse, WI:


Here’s a building that I wish I could’ve gotten better shots of but there was construction completely surrounding it. The former State Bank of Spring Green (in Spring Green, WI, of course):


And, lastly, a view from the end of the day from Onalaska, WI. That’s the Mississippi River and Minnesota across the way. I believe those are red currants at the left. Minnesota is very much on my mind all day as I try to figure out how to prioritize my stops for the remaining days of this trip.

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