Day 6: Illinois & Wisconsin

This sign probably had nice neon at one time — gotta love the shape of it! It’s a nice big pole sign, in a sea of hideous modern chain store signs. But mostly I wanted to include this as a tribute to the fantastic customer service at Lundgren’s Photo in Rockford, IL. I’m back in action now thanks to the them. They gave me lots of good advice and sympathy. I got a wire for the camera-to-computer and another memory card. It seems the software for restoring cards usually takes a few hours and I didn’t want to waste part of a day doing that when I could be taking pictures instead. So I’ll deal with that when I get home.

I’m thrilled to be able to upload stuff to Flickr and here again — so here goes:

First, a photo from Detroit that I meant to include before this camera fiasco. A neglected building in a downtrodden neighborhood — this Mayan (or is it Aztec?) design:


A nice mid-century building in Chicago. I wish I’d taken a close-up photo as the white textured part was quite incredible:


Also from Chicago, this juxtaposition of old and new: nice detail vs. painted plywood.


Now, how could I resist including this doggie sign/statue which hangs above an antiques shop / cafe in downtown Mineral Point, WI. More about him here:

The scenery on the long stretches between destinations has been spectacular. It’s amazing what can be done with corn!


And lastly, here’s a shot of Sparkle (the kids are hard to see) basking in the hot sun. The Wisconsin portion of the trip has officially begun. I have managed to find a setting with the A/C that keeps things an almost comfortable approx. 75 degrees or so inside. Things are looking up!

One thought on “Day 6: Illinois & Wisconsin

  1. Glad to learn you’ve resolved some of your camera problems and are back in action. It appears that you may have already passed by or through Madison, but in case you’re going to be staying some place in Wisconsin on Thursday, I wanted to pass along some information that might interest you.

    I just received an email from the State Historical Society announcing the Thursday evening premiere of a Wisconsin Public Television documentary titled “The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations.” Below is a link to the announcement:

    The announcement page also has links to a lot of other interesting information on the subject, too.

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