Day 5: Chicago

Sorry to break it to you folks — I don’t have photos to share with you tonight either. I was in Chicago all day taking lots of great photos. I didn’t see a single camera store anywhere though. I need to either buy a new card reader or a new wire camera-to-computer. There’s no WAY I’m sticking my cards in my old card reader again. Olympus was basically no help. They say I need to take them someplace to have them try to restore the cards or use their suggested restoration software on-line. I think I’d rather have professionals do it than tackle it myself. Worst case: I’ve lost the 2nd half of Michigan and Indiana — a full day of shooting and great stuff — which kills me. Maybe I can repeat the loop next year.

I’ll get the wire tomorrow when I’m likely to be around more big box stores. Hopefully, I’ll get back on track uploading fun stuff here and to Flickr tomorrow night. I have a wire at home but I don’t want to wait that long. Olympus says the wire is much safer than a card reader. Is that really true? Has anyone else gone thru this sheer hell of photo loss? I’ve never felt so depressed. Thank god it wasn’t one of those 1 or 2 gigabyte monsters with the entire trip on it. At least I had copied the first two days of my trip to my computer before this happened. It seems like there should be better technology than this! Like there should be some sort of internal memory on the camera and on the disk. I’d pay big bucks for a camera with that capability! I never want to go through this again. Learn from my pain: back-up and copy everything as you go.

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