Day 4: Michigan & Indiana

A very hot day. Covered hundreds of miles. Took hundreds of great photos. But. Something horrible has happened with my camera cards. Which means I can’t get them to read through the card reader and now when I insert them back in the camera, I’m getting formatting errors. My worst fear is that the card reader has “eaten” my photos. The cards were brand new and I tested them before this trip. I’m off to an electronics place as soon as I can find one open to try a new reader. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be calling Olympus to see if there’s some place that can extract the files.

I feel like crying as repeating that portion of the trip (Lansing, MI to Lansing, IL) would be gruesomely exhausting and just not as exciting the second time around. But that just might be the case. Maybe next year. Meanwhile, I’m freaking out with worry about the photos to come. I just can’t ever have this happen again. I guess I’ve got to start backing up to my computer several times a day just to be safe. I’m off to copy the files from my computer to disk right now.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in swing and have photos to post here later today.

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