Day 10: Alabama & Georgia

A near record high today in northern AL/GA — mid-80s. In the afternoon, I managed to find a stream for the dogs to play and swim in. Great fun! And how could I resist some homemade peach ice cream in Clanton, AL:


In the morning, I spent some time at the Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, AL. Ya gotta love Joseph Zoettl’s obsession with architecture. I was delighted to see in his California missions section a representation for my hometown (born & raised in Ventura):


Zoettl also had a sense of humor as evidenced in this nicely detailed sidewalk chipmunk crossing:


These creepy characters were in front of a restaurant in Rome, GA:

3 thoughts on “Day 10: Alabama & Georgia

  1. Great stuff as usual! It’s so much fun to come here and catch up with y’all.
    There is still a smidgen of snow in Bklyn but the Park is green now (but still a mud festival) Getting a little warmer every day.
    See you soon!

  2. silly: I assume you mean the places with the statues? Nope, no time or desire for that. I keep food cheap, quick and simple on the road. Too much other important stuff to do.

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