Day 11: Georgia & South Carolina

Ya know, I just realized this is Day 12, not Day 11. I don’t know how my numbering got messed up and I’m too wiped out now to try to figure it out & fix it.

We started the day in downtown Atlanta. I only had a couple stops there but some big running race event was going on and it took me about an hour to get across town. But for a giant chicken, it was worth the wait!

The other stops were in Atlanta suburbs, south and north. An old Zesto’s must’ve been bulldozed for new development. Got yelled at by the woman that lives in the giant guitar house in Fayetteville for taking a picture. You can’t really tell it’s a guitar unless you’re up in the air anyway. The Giant Knight made of car bumpers in Marietta is gone. The Chateau Elan Winery doesn’t know where their giant wine bottle is anymore. Also in Braselton, the Mayfield Dairy’s giant cow is also gone. I got a few midcentury buildings and a couple repurposed gas stations (both now restaurants). Those are the random things that come to mind right now.

In Hapeville, I ran across this now hideously encased Burger Chef:


In Riverdale, the Hindu Temple of Atlanta is pretty spectacular:


We crossed over into South Carolina at the end of the day. In Ware Place, I found this cement statuary place that had quite a few fiberglass figures. Those photos will be going up at the website when I get home. For now, I’ll share a cement doggie photo with you:

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