Day 9: Mississippi & Alabama

Got some good stuff in Meridian in the morning. Managed to sweet talk some park maintenance guys into letting me into the carousel house for some pictures. This was the second time I’ve been there and both times not during operating hours. The carousel is simply spectacular. I was also relieved to find a Pure Oil station that was closed and derelict the last time I was in town has been fixed up (although the bright yellow paint is a bit much).

I love this little store (now a pool place) with a “pick one” facade:


Lots of other nice architecture in town as well, including this little building (a bank?):


And some nice mid-century “almosts” (not quite nice enough for the website). Most people probably find concrete ugly, but I love the stuff! Here’s a bank downtown:


And another mid-century bank with elegant columns:


In Meridian, I also found this fading away hotel sign:

Crossing over into Alabama, I drove a little out of the way to see the Forkland Follies (in Forkland, AL). These creations, made of hay bale and scraps, are the work of Jim Bird. It turned out to be a treat as much for me as the dogs. There was no one around and they had a helluva good time sniffing and running in the big open field.


This piece appears to be wind-powered. I don’t know if it still works as there was no breeze when I was there.


More pleasant announcements that Spring is here in the South. Lots of wisteria in MS and AL along the route now. I know it’s destructive to the plants it grows on and buildings but it’s oh so beautiful.


I don’t know how the Colonel would feel about this “it’s down the block” modification to his bucket in Tuscaloosa, AL:


I went looking for the Barber’s Milk sign in Birmingham. I was at the right intersection alright but was told that it came down over a year ago during Hurricane Rita. At least the wonderfully misproportioned Vulcan statue was just up the road and I had this nice building detail to cheer me up.

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