Day 3: Kentucky

I’m getting used to the grey dreary weather. I guess it’s better than the rain they’re having in Texas or the Nor’easter I’m missing back home (6″ of snow in NYC?). The sun peeked out this afternoon so maybe things will be better tomorrow.

Covered hundreds of miles today combing eastern Kentucky with my list in one hand and stack of maps in the other (steering with my feet). Well, practically.

Highlights: Some great theatres of assorted eras, great signs, great gas stations. I was thrilled to find the Tin Teepee but troubled that no one around it seems to know of its history or care about it. Bondurant’s Pharmacy (the mortar & pestle bldg) is always a thrill to visit but this time I got to see the Drug-triever in action (a unique, motorized revolving drug storage unit) AND I got a free t-shirt with the building on it.

Disappointments: The Somerset Muffler Man is missing (the gas station closed in the fall and the statue was sold to someone). I couldn’t find the Lexington Dixie Cup Water Tower & assume it’s gone. The Lexington Ice Center biblical mini golf was still closed for the season & the figures in storage. The windmill at the Windmill Motel in Nicholsville that was pretty much destroyed in a fire in 2001 is now gone. All that remains is the sign. The rooster in Corbin seems to be gone as well.

Now, on with today’s photos!!

from Maysville, KY:

Started the morning with a sighting of one of those Montgomery Wards buildings. (Sorry about the low lighting — the sun was up but it seemed to stay pretty dark til around noon.)


from Winchester, KY:

The corner building with these lovely embellishments now houses a…. Subway.


from London, KY:

This building’s gold full-facade signage must be blinding when it’s lit by the sun.


1:30am and it’s time to join the (smarter) dogs for some sleep.

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