Day 4: Kentucky (part two)

Finished up with Kentucky today — boy, this schedule is exhausting! I don’t know when I’ve ever worked so hard at having fun. Today’s weather was a little better — some sun now & then. The forecast looks great for tomorrow.

Highlights: tons of great signs both planned & unplanned; Lexington’s giant bourbon bottle was superbly restored (and I managed to get photos by pretending to be deaf while the guard across the street kept shouting “NO PICTURES! NO PICTURES!”). Dinosaur World was great fun even if there was no blood & guts like their Plant City original park.

Disappointments: I can’t think of any today. I did forget to comb a little stretch of US31W that I wanted to see near Cave City. Another reason to go back someday.


Spring IS coming! I’m far enough South now to see apple trees white with bloom, even saw one lone magnolia blooming, forsythia and clumps of daffodils are scattered around. Every winter seems longer and colder to me and flowers make me giddy.


Another cheery sight today were (was?) the vast fields of alfalfa. I only know that’s what it was because I saw a big sign.


In downtown Louisville, I stumbled upon a mini parabolic roof (one of my favorite forms). I don’t know what it was doing there. It was almost like a bus shelter but it wasn’t. It didn’t fit in with any of the surrounding buildings. Although I bet that wonderful light blue building in the background was built around the same time (something else I missed checking out, dammit). If anyone knows anything about this baby parabola, please let me know! So I thought I’d take some quick arty shots of the dogs on the roof of it which was quite accessible. Nik had no problem but the girls kept slipping around and I finally decided it was too dangerous. I had to settle for the standard next-to-it photo. It was a busy Friday afternoon and yet no one said anything about my dogs scampering on that roof. Nor did anyone seem to notice me laying on my belly to get the posed shots.

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