Days 1&2: West Virginia

The weather has been, well, shitty the last two days. When it hasn’t been dreary and grey, it’s been raining. Nevertheless, I’m still getting a lot of nice photos for the website.

Highlights: The Muffler Man collection in Unger was spectacular and well worth climbing all those mountains for. The Blossom Dairy Co. (soda parlor, now restaurant) was stunning inside & out. An eskimo DQ sign in Grafton that sure looks to be original. A very nice Muffler Man in Richwood that was WAY out of the way but so worth it. I’ve posted a few photos of these things at flickr but the rest will have to wait til I get home & can work on the website.

Disappointments: a diner and an old Woolworth (both in PA) that were too dreary to photo. Camden Park was not open for the season and I really wanted to get photos of the kiddie rides.


Now on to some blog photos! The things that I upload to this blog will not appear at flickr or the website. They might be “near-misses” (not quite good enough for the website or don’t fit into a category there) or just other things that catch my eye. Also, since the dogs are a big part of my daily activities on this trip, they will sometimes be making guest appearances here as well.

Buckhannon was one of the few places where it wasn’t pouring rain so I took a few additional shots. They have one of those great, huge civic pride murals. Also, a terrific blue & white mid-century building that I found stunning but probably most of the town hates.


Buckhannon also has a wonderful old pharmacy — Miller’s has a vitrolite facade and an interior with original features, tile floor & dark wood cabinetry.


The dogs have been getting plenty of exercise. Lots of open space to run in and explore in WV. There have also been lots of long stretches between things which gives them a chance to nap.

Time to get out now, Mom? (Fix & Grip)


Mind if I drive for awhile?


Now there’s a scary thought! Nik spends 99% of his waking hours being totally out of control. He gave me a nasty, accidental bite this morning while passing me his ball for another toss. I am doing the best I can typing with nine fingers. And you have been spared the photos since my camera insisted on focusing on the background rather than my finger.

4 thoughts on “Days 1&2: West Virginia

  1. wow! this is my new favorite blog!

    not to pry, but your depth of knowledge about historic buildings seems very informed ~ do you have formal training or is it a hobby?

    i ask coz i got a minor in historic preservation (which i do not use professionaly so much) but i’ve also just always been fascinated with old buildings.

    take care out there!

  2. Glad you are enjoying it! I’ll try to get some things up tonight from today’s activities but my finger is KILLING me.

    In answer to your question, no, I don’t have formal education/training in this sort of thing. But I’ve been “into” architecture, signage, etc. since forever though. And I’ve been taking my traveling & research more & more seriously for the past six or so years. I have a boring unrelated job that allows me to take a lot of time off which helps!

    Take care,
    Debra Jane

  3. Hey from under 6″ of snow in Bklyn! – er, actually 6″ compacted to, like 3″ and turned to ice. Anyhow – the yellow + blue building reminds me of a building on avenue A around 3rd street here – have you seen it?

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