Day 8: Out-takes from Albuquerque

A very productive day with the camera: signs, gas stations, giant stuff, art deco buildings, etc. It was sunny for the most part making for great backgrounds but some challenges when forced to shoot into the sun. Those darned white hexagons! What is the technical term for that anyway?

Albuquerque is vast and wonderful but I don’t think I could stand the continuous heat if I lived here. I do love the adobe houses, cactus, and rugged landscape.


Road Fuel

I’m often asked what I eat on the road since I’m a vegetarian. While many travelers plan their routes with food in mind, for me it’s about the least important part of my trips. My three main food groups are starch, sugar and Diet Coke. I get by with snacks during the day: donuts, yogurt, ice cream, crackers, nuts, etc. Every few days, I’ll get some salad someplace if I can find better than iceberg. But I do love bean burritos and I think I have eaten one every day on this trip. I try to find mom & pop places but, in desperation if it’s the only option, I’ll hit a Taco Bell (or as a last resort, Burger King for their Veggie Burger).

Tonight, with only a few stops to go and getting quite famished, I selected this little place. I thought it might be mom & pop but, from the printing on the bag and the menu board, it seems it is most likely a chain. Food critics would have given my burrito a 1 on a 10 scale, but I give it a 5 for being blessedly average and $4.17 w/the sour cream, guac & rice (my standard order) — good enough when you’re in a hurry and on a budget. Actually, last night’s burrito from Taco Sol, inside the Conoco at Tucumcari, was super: tasty, huge enough to share with the dogs AND give me a few bites for breakfast, AND a bargain at about $3.50.

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