Day 7: A Change in the Weather

Blue skies and sunshine! A drastic change in the climate and landscape on this trip.

Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds!

For a Brooklynite, this sight is pretty shocking. On the desolate highway, I can understand. But this is downtown Dalhart, TX and it’s not even windy.


Cows & Dogs:

One of our little roadtrip diversions is Cow-Watching. It’s hard to say who enjoys it more: the dogs or the cows. If I have ten minutes to spare, I’ll pull over for a “cow-break”. The cows rush to the fence when they hear the dogs barking. Which only makes the dogs bark even more hysterically. The cows watch in amazement and trot beside the van when I drive slowly away.


Getting What You Want:

Sometimes I really have to work at getting my photos. Today was no exception. To get to the Dinosaur in Canadian, Texas I had to hike this hill. Barbed wire fence, no trail, crumbling rocks and loose soil. I was sure I’d be bit by a rattlesnake and never make it back to the illegally parked van with the barking, watching dogs. But it was worth the effort and risk:


Stop Me Before I Create a New Section!

These beautiful grain elevators are everywhere in the Texas Panhandle and I just might be tempted to start a new section for them at my website. But I’ll hold off for now since there are numerous websites about them already, including these: 1, 2, and 3.

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