Days 9&10: NM & AZ

We arrived in Phoenix yesterday where we will be settling down for five days for doggie stuff (agility competition). Then we’ll be headed off back east, the long way, via Vegas, Utah, etc. Here are some sights from the past couple days.

I thought this cute sign was appropriate enough after my last posting about burritos:

Lots of interstate driving in NM & AZ — a couple more landscape shots:


Gripper, Fix & Sputnik in Sedona, AZ

The current bane of my dogs’ existences: sand spurs (nasty little sticker balls that they pick up in their feet) and now cactus spines (is that what you call them?):

UPDATE: These nasty sand spurs are actually called goat-heads or puncturevine — here’s one on the face of a quarter:


Some Phoenix Photos

Contrast of natural and manmade environments:

A well-concealed cell phone tower:

A Cotswald Cottage Revival house from 1931 (a rare sighting anywhere but esp. in AZ):


Another Attempt at Audience Participation

Interesting or eyesore?

Interesting or eyesore?

Quick Quiz: So what was this building used for originally? Extra credit for the building behind it.

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