Website Updating: Signs (Part 2 of many…)

Let’s wrap up the California signs. This one in Lake Isabella, CA:

StreetView showed it laying on its side in April. I gave them a call and was reassured to know that they were just redoing the roof. The sign was reinstalled:

This one in Lake Isabella, CA though is gone now — replaced with a NAPA Auto Parts store:

In Mission Hills, CA – the psychic is gone and so is this sign (and hand):

In the “Why Can’t They Just Leave Things Alone” category… I present the Stater Bros. supermarket sign in Riverside, CA:

This was done to the sign earlier this year:

This sign in Tehachapi, CA is gone now:

The Taco King restaurant in Upland, CA closed and the building was demolished. A Rally’s was built on the site but this sign remained as of October. I don’t know if the sign will be removed or adapted:

The neon on this sign in Long Beach, CA:

has been replaced with crappy plastic letters:

What the hell? I can’t find anything online about this but here’s what has happened to the Sutter Hotel sign in Oakland, CA. From this:

to this monstrosity for the “Found Residences.” Love the color, don’t you?:

This business in Sacramento, CA closed last year and this sign is gone:

This business in San Diego, CA closed in 2016. This sign stayed for a few years but it’s gone now:

This sign in San Francisco, CA

… is currently (at least as of March) covered with a crappy vinyl sign. I’m sure hoping they aren’t going to strip the text panel for some horribleness:

A couple of Canadian signs to report about. The Chez Plumet restaurant in Canton-de-Granby, QC had closed by 2018. This sign was removed last year and is now in a private collection:

This sign on the roof at the Garage Gene Venne in Loungeuil, QC appears to be gone now. I’m hoping it’s temporary but probably not. I’ll try calling them on Tuesday when they reopen:

Still many, many pages and posts to come from this section. I am going alphabetically through the states — picking up next with Colorado for the next post.

Happy trails in 2023!
dj & the dogs

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