Website Updating: Signs (Part 1 of ????)

Here come the signs! This one in Dothan, AL:

was adapted earlier this year (with backlit plastic letters):

The Pizza Parlour in Van Buren, AR panels were badly damaged in 2021. The two yellow balls on top were already long gone (the Alma, AR location still has them):

The good news is that they replaced the panels at all. Google View isn’t great but you can tell the panels are flat with a less-fun font:

This sign in North Little Rock, AR is gone now:

This sign in Douglas, AZ is gone now:

Also in Douglas, AZ: Ortega’s closed in 2018 and this sign is gone now:

And one more from Douglas, AZ — gone now:

The Westernaire Motel sign in Mesa, AZ has been repainted. The cylinders and arrow were yellow previously:

The Arizona Motel sign in Phoenix, AZ:

looks like crap now:

The Flash TV & Appliance store in Tucson, AZ had been closed for years:

The building has been adapted for The Flash apartments and the sign was restored:

This “Happy Bear” sign in Childress, TX is gone now:

Linbrook Family Billiards in Anaheim, CA is gone and so is this sign:

This sign in Bellflower, CA is gone now:

This sign in Chester, CA is gone now:

This sign in Colusa, CA is gone now:

This sign in Daly City, CA

has been reworked with plastic letters:

This tire sign in Encino, CA is gone now (a Big Brand Tire chain store there):

This one is painful. The sign in Garden Grove, CA:

now looks like this:

That’s enough for now — and I’m just getting started. I’m not even a quarter of the way thru the California signs. Back soon — I’ll be banging away throughout this 3-day weekend.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs.

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