June/July Trip – Day #22 (More Wyoming)

The last full day of Wyoming. Here come the signs. This one is in Torrington — the neon has been gone for many years:

Another sign from Torrington. This was originally the Blue Lantern Court:

This cute, funky one is in Laramie:

Another sign from Laramie. The neon was removed and the sign was repainted recently:

This one is in Casper:

Another few more signs from Casper. This one advertised for the Western Grill until recently:

Note the “Futurmatic” text painted beneath “Wardrobe” and the rocket fins. This place is closed and up for sale so this sign might be gone any day now:

This sign is in Douglas:

Another sign from Douglas. This one is at the back entrance of the Double D Liquors bar. Funky wooden panels and I can’t help but wonder with the construction and bolts if his arms ever moved:

From Wheatland. Painted wooden panels tacked over what might have been a different name:

Enough signs for now. I don’t cover these clocks at my website but I’m still fascinated with them. These Brown Street Clock Company cast-iron clocks were the most prolific in the country and a number of them are still around. This one in Laramie was made around 1920 for Midwest Truck and Sporting Goods. It still has the backlit drop glass globes. The clock is owned by the city and was restored in 2014. It still operates and is lit at night.

Moving on to some buildings. This former Texaco is in Wheatland. That yellow car hasn’t moved since I took photos of it in 2012:

This building in Casper housed the Mountain Bell Telephone Company when it was built in 1972:

This former Imperial 400 Motel in Casper was built in 1962. I’ve got a whole bunch of these motels at this section of my website:


This former Red Barn restaurant in Casper was built in 1965:

Lastly, this former Tastee-Freez in Casper still has the original sign and you can just see the rounded lip of the building’s canopy beneath that despite the dining room addition:

Back with more soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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