June/July Trip – Day #21 (Wyoming)

There are about 2 1/2 days of photos for this portion of Wyoming before we move on to Nebraska.

The day actually started in Hot Springs, SD. So, here is one more from there. This oldie at the Braun Hotel started as a bulb sign and was later updated with neon:

In the 1950s, the Hotel Antlers in Newcastle, WY had different signs:

In 2008, the current sign still had some neon and the arrow had bulbs:


Here that sign today, yeah, just not the same:

The hotel sign around the corner:

The Occidental Hotel is in Buffalo:

This curvaceous arrow sign is in Lovell:

Another sign from Lovell — at the Horseshoe Bend Motel:

This modern sign is probably from 1994 (when the store opened) in Cody:

Wayne’s Boot Shop in Cody has been there since 1959. This sign is probably from later on but still looks relatively old:

This sign in Cody has been there since at least 1961 and may have been there since the 1950s:

This cowboy and bulbs sign is in Dayton:

Another cowboy sign — this one is in Meeteetse:

This arrow sign is located at the Rock Trim Motel in Sheridan:

A couple of other signs from Sheridan:

If you are into signs (gas globes, vintage cars), then The Frontier Auto Museum in Gillette needs to go on your bucket list. Here are just a few photos:

This motel was originally in Gillette. This sign was in bad shade, no neon, crappy paint but restored for the museum:

I have seen a half-dozen or so of the square-ish Buster Brown Shoes neon signs but I have never seen one this early with bulbs:

Moving on to a couple of buildings. The Alamo Inn & Suites in Gillette was built in 1963 as the Sands Motor Lodge. Here are a couple of postcards from around then (the sign is long gone):

and from June (and the pool is still there!):

This building at Hammer Chevrolet in Sheridan was built in 1950 when the place was also selling Oldsmobile:

The building was remodeled in 2004 but some of the features were kept or recreated:

Let’s close with a couple of statue-y things. This 30-foot-long rifle is in Cody:

This happy guy was made from metal and is located in Upton:

Back soon with more Wyoming.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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