Website Update News #9: People Statues

A mix of good and bad news for this post.

This A&W Papa Burger statue in Sebastopol, CA appears to be missing now:

This Guard statue at Kernville Mini Storage in Kernville, CA appears to be gone now:

This statue in Sacramento, CA is gone now. I’m assuming that it was demolished along with the building behind it:

The Apple Boy in Mountain Park, NM

was apparently repainted last year:

This statue at Halloran’s Home Pizza in St. Clairsville, OH was installed in 1968. It was removed in 2020 when the business closed:

Later that year, it was repainted and installed in Halloran Park west of town:

This Tin Man statue was at Taylor Metal Works & Pipe Co. in Port Arthur, TX. By last year, the business had closed and the statue was gone:

Midtown Printing in Nashville, TN moved to a new building in 2019. This statue made the move and is now displayed on the ground instead of a pole:

The Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Nashville, TN was removed and destroyed last year:

This Astronaut statue in Houston, TX was installed on the roof of a McDonald’s. A new McDonald’s opened across the street last year and this statue is evidently inside:

That’s a wrap for this section. The next post will be featuring news from the Art Deco Buildings section.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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