Day 22: Daytona Beach Area

Today was another grey day but I did get a decent amount of shooting in before the rain came. One of these years, I’ll do a Florida trip in winter so that I can have better weather.

This motel in New Smyrna Beach has fallen on hard times. I believe built in 1949, it’s now closed and for sale. What’s left of the neon is installed over wooden letters, which seems like a dangerous combination to me. I couldn’t find any vintage photos or postcards to show what this sign may have looked like originally:

This fiberglass shark is installed at the, appropriate named, Big Shark Gift Shop in Daytona Beach. There are actually two other sharks, a dolphin, and a manatee as well.

This rare double-canopy former Phillips 66 station in Daytona Beach is now more like 1 1/3 canopies.

The Driftwood Animal Hospital in Daytona Beach is so simple, yet so lovely:

The Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach still has lots of original details from 1965 including this guy:

The peeling paint on this sign in Deland reveals its former name of Jack’s Boulevard:

This sign is also in Deland and looking pretty shabby. The motel is for sale — shoot ’em while you can folks…. Yes, surely, inspired by the Holiday Inn “Great Sign”:

This sign in Palatka originally advertised for a children’s clothing store. The Palatka Historical Society owns the sign. They will remove the sign and display it elsewhere if a tenant does not want the sign above their store:

This building in Daytona Beach was built in 1940:

The entrance and some other details have been messed and the sign is sure hideous but, hey, fairly intact:

I believe the Boat Bar in Port Orange was built in 1972:

Lastly, the Sun Viking Lodge in Daytona Beach remodeled the Oceanfront Villas in 1972 and gave the place a viking theme:

Back soon with more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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