Day 17: Miami Beach Area

Well, yes, Miami Beach is famous for its Art Deco and Streamline Moderne hotels. But there are just as many mid-century modern hotels and other buildings. I’ve got all the photos up at my website from this day’s shooting, so have a look if you like at Miami Beach Art Deco Hotels:

And/or mid-century Florida buildings:

Here are just a couple of photos. I’ve selected these two because I love their projecting windows. The Penguin Hotel:

and the San Juan Hotel:

These mosaics in Miami Beach were created by Enzo Gallo in 1971. The bank is now a Wells Fargo but I think it was original a First National Bank. The building is going to be demolished but supposedly the mosaics will be saved. Here is just a sampling of them. The moon landing and Iwo Jima:

Abe Lincoln & Betsy Ross:

Here is some modern neon on the side of the the Alvin’s Island souvenir shop in Miami Beach:

A former McCrory’s terrazzo apron in Miami Beach — more McCrory’s buildings at my website here:

Moving on to Hollywood, FL. The Thunderbird Tepee was built in 1951 as a souvenir stand. By the late 1960s, it had become Tepee Western Wear:

The building is still there, kind of. Now walled up and housing Seminole Media Productions. If you like teepee-shaped buildings, I’ve got tons here from all over the country:

I won’t go into the history of Hollywood Bread, which was advertised as a diet bread (but wasn’t). This website has great stuff about the woman that founded the company, her lifestyle, and what became of the company:

But let’s talk about the sign. Just weeks after I took this photo in June, the sign was removed and the building was demolished. The sign is promised to be installed on top of the gargantuan condo tower that will be built on the former site. There are actually two signs — one was on the south, the other on the north side of the building. It’s not clear if both sets of letters were saved/will be displayed:

The Beach and Town Motel in Hollywood evidently had just a simple pole sign originally (sorry the only vintage postcard that I could find is tiny and blurry) and the letters on the right side of the tower:

Then, by 1953, a far cooler sign replaced that rectangular one and letters were installed on the front of the tower facing the main drag (S. Federal Hwy). Too blurry to tell, but those letters on the tower might have had neon:

At some point, the tower lost its brickwork and the pole sign was removed. But the tower’s letters are still there (minus the word “POOL”):

One last photo for this post: the Churro Magico in Hialeah, FL. I love this painted gate with all the info and the smiling churro with the magic wand:

Back to Photoshopping the next batch. We still have six more days of Florida to go. Then, we move on to nine days of Georgia, and then some things from Tennessee, Oklahoma, etc. on the way home.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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