Days 14 & 15: More Florida

Another couple of days shooting in the grey. I think I get a sunny break for a few days after this — just in time for Miami and Miami Beach. Not many signs during these two days but I’ve got some diverse topics.

If you like ship-shaped buildings, I’ve got a bunch of Noah’s Arks at this page:

This little cutie is installed next to the Ark Animal Hospital & Clinic in Venice, FL:

Bob’s Train in Sarasota, FL is a restaurant housed in four train cars:

The knight statue on the right in Punta Gorda, FL was here for many years. In 2016, he was joined by the two smaller knights:

The Park Motel in Homestead, FL sure ain’t what it used to be. That pole sign on the left is long gone. The office still has the porte cochere but it’s pretty shabby looking now:

The rooftop, scaffold sign still had its neon until around last year but, surely, it hadn’t been lit in decades. Recently the neon in the channel letters was replaced with crazy, DIY LED rope. But, hey, that’s redeemable if this place ever takes a turn for the better:

I’m a sucker for mid-century modern round buildings — banks, schools, restaurants, you name it. I’d drive two hours out of my way, without hesitation, to see/shoot one. This is the former Pick Music Library, now the Music Administration Center at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL:

Ah, the things you can do with concrete! This is the former Grace Church of Kendall, now Metro Life Church in Kendall, FL:

Farm Stores are a real Florida “thing.” I’m crazy about their gullwing roofs which protect the double drive-thru, stay-in-yer-car entrances from the heat and rain. The one below is in Miami. I’ve shot dozens of them for my website here:

So many statues to shoot and reshoot in Florida. I have been educated on the differences between marlins, sailfishes, and swordfishes. The swordfish and shark below are at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina in Islamorada, FL:

Slim pickins for signs and the grey skies don’t do them justice but here are a few. This sign is at Mora’s Liquor Store in Miami, FL:. A very odd-shaped arrow and the channel looks modern (or at least freshly painted). Maybe different letters on the scaffolding originally:

The Bird Bowl in Miami opened in 1956 and this was what the original sign looked like – from this website:

Yes, I wish it was still there! And those little square windows and stonework, too. Alas, just a cement wall now.

But the probably-1960s, big replacement sign is still better than a box:

And, lastly, here’s a nice Rexall sign from Homestead, FL. For Rexall signs from all over the country, I’ve got five pages at my website for them:

I’ll be back this weekend with another post from Florida.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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