Day 21: Mostly Memphis & on to Arkansas

Let’s get back to Memphis.  I’ve got lots of photos for you.  Don’t forget that the subjects that I post here are the “lesser” quality (funkier & far gone signs, etc.).  The sampling of nicer subjects is over at my Flickr account here:



I have seen three or four of these repurposed liquor store signs.  I’m assuming there were more of them originally.  The clock on one side and temp on the other panel must have revolved:


This one is now missing the spinning disk:




Another liquor store sign:



A barber shop sign:


A close up of the hand with torch:



I believe this stack of records sign at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music is from around 2003.  The building and marquee were built to simulate the Capitol Theatre which was built on the site in 1931 and demolished in 1989.


A couple of old signs among the retro modern “stuff” on Beale St.  This actually looks like a replica that’s not aging well.


This one is probably vintage but really suffering.  I never thought I’d say it, but I think this is a candidate for creating a replica:


Probably a replica — pristine panels but it must have been done well since the panels have looked this nice since at least 2007.  This cleaners is closed so this sign could disappear (or be repurposed) at any time.


This place has been around since 1918.  The sign and moderne-ish window trim look 1950s:


A couple of modern signs — the Flying Fish seafood restaurant.  Yes, airplane wings on the catfish:


I love any signs with flames.  And dogs.


An increasingly rare nice plastic sign:



Raised metal letters:


I believe this is the only wrecking ball sign I’ve ever seen:



Moving on to Arkansas.  This star in Trumann is a mystery.  The building was vacant for a long time.  And this is a recent slapdash readerboard.  My guess is that this was a Big Star grocery store like the one in Bolivar, AR.


Yes, this sign/location was originally part of the Seattle-based Elephant Car Wash chain.  Then, there’s the sign in Rancho Mirage, CA.  I don’t know when or why this one in Jonesboro, AR was built.  Maybe a cousin of the owner or… don’t know.  And this one has been closed for a few years and the trees are moving in.


A couple more from Jonesboro.  This gorgeous tile floor entrance was originally created for the Eagle Clothes store:

The now closed Massanelli Cleaners sign:



Last two photos for this post — both in Blytheville:


Back with more posts soon enough,

dj & the dogs

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