Day 16: Mucho Mississippi

Since my last post, I got all of the Louisiana photos up at my website.  So, if you’re interested, now might be a good time to check out the mid-century modern, signs, gas stations, theatres, etc. sections.   Moving on to the bulk of the Mississippi photos now.  I think there are about four days worth before I headed on to Memphis & Arkansas.  Day 16 was very prolific — so let’s get to it.

This Barq’s root beer sign is next door to the Alamo Theatre in Jackson:



This one is in Canton:



This one is in Carthage.  It’s either modern or a replica:



This one is in Philadelphia:



This one is in Decatur.  The store opened in 1959.  But this sign is only about 10 years old or so.  It was not based on a previous sign.  I don’t know if Wheeler was originally a Rexall but, if not, the navy and orange are certainly a nod to that chain:



Here’s a closed Rexall in Newton.  The interior still has nice dark wood shelving units and such.  Very sad.  Maybe it will find some miraculous restaurant reuse and the interior will be preserved.



A bunch of signs now from Meridian:



The Temple Theatre architecture is magnificently preserved… but how I hate it when these theaters mess with their marquees and add that moving digital crap:



You have to shoot this one from across the street because of the roof and the trees:


This sign is supposedly from the 1930s or so.  It was taken down in 1999 during the building’s restoration and forgotten about.  It was sold at auction and eventually returned to the restaurant:


A sad, paintless “globie” (my name for these mass-produced, flashing fiberglass balls).  For examples in better shape, see my website here:




A couple more from Meridian:



This former truck stop sign has been banged up in recent years.  It’s mounted so high that I don’t know how that arrow could have been bent like this.  You can see the panel in back with the still intact arrow:


Let’s close with this one from De Kalb.  I love any and all signs with flames.  I found another one Dowdle sign just like this elsewhere in Mississippi so there might have been more than two of these:


Back with another post next weekend or maybe sooner.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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