Day 3: Western & Mid-Texas

I spent about three days in the mid-section of Texas for some predetermined stops as I was making my way to the focus of the 30-day trip (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas).  I made it to El Paso to start Day 3.  While there, I got to shoot the Colon Theatre at the right time of day:




Moving on to Ozona, TX for the Hotel Ozona:


The Hotel Clark sign in Van Horn was reworked a little to add the word “Museum” to the bottom.  Here’s what the sign looked like just a few years ago:


The Stango’s Coffee Shop in San Angelo has this sign outside which came from somewhere else.  I’ve seen lots of the scrollwork at the top on signs in California:



Just down the street from Stango’s is the Twisted Root which has some modern built-to-look-old signs outside.  Inside, there are lots of vintage advertising signs but no neon:

This truck stop sign is in Van Horn:




More later…


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