Back & Settled — Day 2 in AZ

The dogs and I are back from 30 days on the road and more than 12,000 miles.  Sparkle ran like a champ: the only trouble we had were a couple flat tires — that was IT!  Even the AC was there for us every day, all day long.  Temps with highs mostly in the upper 80s & 90s. Weather was mostly great (2 days lost waiting out clouds & rain).

I’ll be squeezing in posts from every day now after work and on weekends.  I’ve got about 4,000 photos to work on for the website (  That’ll be after this sampling — about a dozen photos from each day here at the blog — and a different dozen over at Flickr (

Day 1 was only a half day — right after work scurrying across California.  Only a few photos were taken.

Day 2 was powering through Arizona (and then all the way to Las Cruces at night).  Here are a few photos from then.  Then sun wasn’t up but I took these two photos anyway — in Salome, AZ:



and Wenden, AZ (yes, that’s a saguaro shadow on this one):



A sign-topper at the Gurley St. Sports Pub in Prescott (ugly plastic sign below):

From Phoenix:



Also Phoenix — inside the Hobe’s Meat Market:



I’m pretty sure this is a modern sign — but still fun — in Scottsdale:



On to Casa Grande, AZ to see the new outdoor sign park (lots more photos of these signs at Flickr & my website soon):



From Tucson — a repurposed saguaro sign.  It was Charlie’s Tavern & Grill before this (and painted green).  I think it was originally the Blue Sahuaro Steak House (or at least it was in the early 1970s):


More posts coming up later today!  Happy for a holiday (July 4) since I’m still in recuperation mode and it’s been super busy at work.

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