Day 11: Whole Lotta Houston

Finally! The clouds were working for me and not against me.

Surely, this sign was inspired by 7-Eleven signs:


The new owner was installing and getting ready to paint this Coca-Cola polar bear in front of his soon-to-open take-out daiquiri place.  He said the bear appeared in a Super Bowl commercial:

Back to the signs:

A detail from a Taqueria Arandas sign:


And an Arandas Bakery sign:



I’m assuming those spikes had ballies or something interesting originally:


I’m so glad that all those sign-makers used navy porcelain instead of black.  You want the type to show up well, so, they could just as well have used black:

This sign advertised for Wald Transfer & Storage:

A very pretty and unusual Masonic sign:


The building has a nice scalloped canopy, too:

And lastly, a detail from a Hungry Farmer Bar-B-Q sign:

That’s it for today!  More coming soon.
Happy 4th of July from dj & the dogs

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