Day 4: Clovis, NM to Alpine, TX

Some remote stops:  lots of sun and driving in Western & Southwestern Texas.  Let’s start with this one from Dimmit, TX:


A couple of retro (modern) signs from Lubbock, TX.  The same designs were used for Teddy Jack’s Armadillo Grill in Amarillo, TX:




These drive-ins just blocks apart in little Big Spring, TX must have been related.  Either the same names originally or, at a minimum, the same sign shop:



Probably more neon originally or at least fancier text panels — in Odessa, TX:


What’s left of the Holcomb Storage sign in Odessa:



Let’s close with a couple of crusty gems from Pecos, TX:



Don’t forget about all the other photos from this trip piling up at my Flickr account:

Lots more blog posts to come,
dj & the dogs

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