Quickie SoCal Roadtest

I’m gearing up for the big summer trip (4 weeks, mostly Texas) starting Friday night.  I took Sparkle in this week for a thorough checkup.  Some front brakes and a water pump.  I went down to L.A. & O.C. today to make sure things are up to snuff.  I was alarmed by a burning rubber smell and even a little smoke at one point.  I checked with a couple of auto shops “smell this please!” and I was assured that it’s normal for new brakes.  Gee, after all my years and numerous brakes being replaced, I never experienced this.  I called my mechanic and will probably pay a visit just to be sure.  I think the smell went away after about 5 hours of driving but maybe I just got used to it?

Anyhow… I got some decent shots in the morning but then things clouded up.  So, it was not the most prolific photoshoot but I’m glad I went.

For you dingbat lovers, here’s one in Beverly Hills:


A few signs in Long Beach:




And a couple of signs in Pico Rivera — too bad about the grey sky — former Barney’s Coffee Shop:


I was surprised to see the SoCalGas gate open.  Since I’m always there on weekends, I’ve been stuck shooting through the gate.  There was some special event going on so the security guard cut me a break and let me shoot the old gas flame from downtown L.A.  Maybe I’ll get lucky another time and get an open gate AND sun:


Stay tuned for lots & lots of photos.  I doubt I’ll have the energy to post here or upload to Flickr during the trip unless I hit crappy weather (sure hope not!).  Come on back in July when I’ll get busy sharing the goodies.

dj & the dogs (yes, of course they are coming!)

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