S.F. Bay Area (Day 3 of 4)

This is a quickie post since it was a day short on shooting.  The Neon Symposium fell pretty much in the middle of the day and I wanted to allow plenty of time to find parking to have the dogs nearby.  This was my first real foray into public speaking as well other than the presentations I do at work.  I brought lots of facts & photos & was, of course, very organized.  But so as to not screw up and get the most info in, I pretty much read the whole thing.  Maybe I’ll be more relaxed next time.  It went well and I met a ton of very nice people (and I don’t like people!).  The other presentations were all completely fascinating and inspiring as well.  You gotta GO next year!

Anyhow — let’s start with this nice pair in Oakland.  They appear to be recent replicas:




And now on to San Francisco.  Too bad about the protective, plastic box:

For the rusty/crusty fans:

This guy is inside Miller’s East Coast Deli on Polk.  Sorry about the lights:  the sign is on top of shelf & difficult to shoot:

And lastly — I never get to shoot this wonderful plastic sign at the right time of day.  Always tree shadows.  I’m a little worried that it might disappear.  Note the deteriorating, rusting bottom panel which might tear away at some point soon:


One more day & post to go.  Lots of nice photos from today over at my Flickr account:


dj & the dogs



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