Recent-ish Roadside News — Statues!

Lots of recent good news and bad news to share from the Statues section at my website which I just updated thoroughly.


This trio of A&W statues in Thermopolis, WY has been gone since around 2014.  One of my photos from 2012:


There are still a couple dozen or so A&W Burger Family statues still out there:

The Tastee-Freez “Eff” statue in Kenly, NC disappeared earlier this year.  Rumor has it that it might be repaired and return but I’ll believe it when I see it.  My photo from 2009:


The Cowboy Cleaners statue in Wichita is also gone now.  Still there in 2014 but gone in 2015.  My photo from 2010:

The Johnny Appleseed Restaurant in New Market, VA closed in October.  It’s not known what will happen with the statue in front of the building.  One of my photos from 2008:


One Stop Wedding in Pittsburgh, PA closed around 2014 and this sign disappeared from the roof at the same time.  My photo from 2010:


The Hobo Joe statue in Buckeye, AZ was removed earlier this year.  The property had been sold and the City snagged the statue before something could happen to it.  The statue may be restored and reinstalled some day.   Don’t hold your breath though.  The statue is 27 feet tall and will cost a fortune to restore.  Here’s an article about the recent removal:

One of my photos from 2012:



There are only a handful of Carpeteria genie statues left.  The one in Las Vegas had been abandoned for many years. Then, earlier this year, a new flooring place moved into the building and repainted the statue and adapted the sign.  He looks great!

One of my photos from 2014:


And now this photo from the Nevada Public Radio blog post:


In Davenport, IA, these statues which depict Seurat’s painting “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” in 3-D form were installed in 1998 in Credit Island Park.  One of my photos from 2006 (yes, that’s Sparkle in the background):


The statues were removed in 2008 and everyone assumed they were gone for good.  I just found out they were restored and reinstalled in 2010!  Some photos from 2012 at this blog:

One of the biggest miracles is the restoration of Tex Randall in Canyon, TX.  This 47 foot tall cowboy was built in 1959.  By the time I got photos of him in 2011, he was very endangered:


He’s nearly done as you can see in this photo from Kim Canada at the Tex Randall Facebook page:

From Cowboys to Indians…  The giant Indian in Oak Lawn, IL has also been restored.  Here’s one of my photos from 2006:


Here’s an article about the restoration:
And a photo from 2015 by Rick Drew:

Another miracle and restoration — the Last Chance Joe statue in Sparks, NV.   This 36 foot tall statue was built in 1952.  In 2014, the Nuggest Casino was sold to Global Gaming which had no interest in keeping the statue.   The Sparks Heritage Museum came to the rescue and, with the help of many donations, got the statue moved in front of museum.  The restoration of the statue is coming along.  Here’s one of my photos from 2014 at the old location when his fate was still hanging in the balance:


And the work in progress at the new location from the Last Chance Joe Facebook page:


The International Fiberglass “Waving Man” statue at the Plantation Inn was a landmark in Chicopee since 1999.  In 2013, the hotel and property were put up for sale.  The statue was sold for $11,500 and moved to Agawam.  I think this makes the third time this 22 foot tall statue was moved — which is no small feat!  He was originally at a pizza shop, then a car dealership, then the Plantation Inn, and now over at a strip mall in Agawam, MA.  Here’s one of my photos from 2010 during his Chicopee days:


There are no photos on the ‘net yet of him in his new home.  But Google Street View has a shot of him next to the Partners Restaurant.  Google blurred out his face but you get the idea.  He looks much shorter there, doesn’t he?:

And finally — another major miracle.  The  34 foot tall Santa statue at Busler’s Truck Stop in Haubtstadt, IN was thought to be beyond repair and doomed.  Then someone bought him in 2012 and trucked him off saying the statue would be restored and put up on public view again.  Yeah, right.  But then, two months ago, the statue reappeared in Evansville, IN — fully restored — just in time for Christmas!

One of my photos from 2010:


And while he was being restored — photo from this article:


And in Evansville at his new location — waving to passersby one again [photo & story from:


If you’d like to see lots & lots of surviving people statues  (other sections for animals & things), my section is here:

Back soon with news on other subjects,


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