Recent-ish Road News: Critters (Pt. 1)

The animal statue section at my site is really big.  I’m only about halfway through the link & map checking.  But here’s what I can report so far.  Lots of losses.

The Chicken Cadillac in Bandera, TX is gone now.  Here’s a photo I took in 2011:banderachick
Thankfully, there are still lots of Chicken Cars out there:

Two Rubber Duckies are also missing now — the one in Houston, TX:

and the one in Oxnard, CA:


The Bull in San Jose, CA has gotten a new paint job.  Here he is in 2014:

and here’s what he looks like now [Google Street View]:

A real loss — the Cow with the Steak in Durand, IL disappeared in 2015:

The Blue Bull in Radcliff, KY also disappeared a year or two ago:

This Bull in Reno, NV is also gone as of last year:

The Giant Cougar in Zebulon, NC is gone now:

There are still three of these statues out there:

Two standing Esso Tigers are gone now.  This one in Mount Ephraim, NJ:

and this one in Verona, PA:

The only other one like this that I know of still out there on public display is in Toano, VA at a BP gas station.   [Google Street View]

More to come…


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5 thoughts on “Recent-ish Road News: Critters (Pt. 1)

  1. “Disappear” means I have no idea what happened. In a lot of cases when signs/statues “disappear”, it’s because the business closed & the previous owner took the sign/statue. Or the new owner trashed or sold it. Or if the business is still there, some collector offered a lot of money & the owner took it. Or the sign/statue got trashed in a car accident. Or the sign got replaced with a plastic box. In the case of all the above, I have no idea. I could make a million phone calls about these things. But since my time is limited, I can guess. I didn’t see any news article about them being sold. It’s possible, that one/some were removed for a big restoration — but in the case of these guys, unlikely.

    * Cadillac Chicken — business still there. Maybe City complained about the car just sitting there, a sign ordinance thing, or somebody bought the car for another biz. Or the car is moving around between other Church’s locations.
    * Rubber Duckie from Batman movie had been sitting there for years. Could be one of the reasons mentioned above (sold, someone complained, owner sick of the eyesore & trashed).
    * Oxnard Duckie — only there a short time. It was on a pole then got moved to the ground. The owner bought it in L.A. and seemed quite proud. Sold? City complained?
    * Steer with Steak — restaurant had been closed awhile. I’m really hoping that someone bought it. It was unique and so cool.
    * Blue Bull — restaurant also closed awhile & probably property owner trashed it. I’d like to think someone has it. But it looks like concrete & heavy & a lot to deal with in terms of removing it intact.
    * Bull in Reno. The place closed. Property owner probably wanted it gone so the place would be more sell-able. Hoping for the best but these guys don’t usually survive these situations.
    * Cougar — These guys are pretty special & since installed on a trailer, easy to move. The owner was a car dealer so I’m betting he’s sharp enough to have sold this guy & hoping he’ll turn up somewhere.
    * Esso Tigers — very valuable, lots of petroliana collectors out there that would want these. The one in NJ was in good shape. Hoping he was sold (along with his little buddy). The one in Verona with his feet embedded in cement — probably trashed.

    If I hear about the outcomes of any of these guys, I will update the descriptions at my website.


  2. Debra Jane, I was just in Bandera over Labor Day weekend and saw the Cadillac Chicken in the town parade – was the news you had more recent than that?

  3. Ah — that’s a relief! Maybe when the Google Car went by, the Chicken Caddie was out for a tune-up? Or maybe they are parking it in a different spot. I will put it back among the living at my website. Thanks for the update.

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