Recent-ish Road News: Critters (Pt. 1)

The animal statue section at my site is really big.  I’m only about halfway through the link & map checking.  But here’s what I can report so far.  Lots of losses.

The Chicken Cadillac in Bandera, TX is gone now.  Here’s a photo I took in 2011:banderachick
Thankfully, there are still lots of Chicken Cars out there:

Two Rubber Duckies are also missing now — the one in Houston, TX:

and the one in Oxnard, CA:


The Bull in San Jose, CA has gotten a new paint job.  Here he is in 2014:

and here’s what he looks like now [Google Street View]:

A real loss — the Cow with the Steak in Durand, IL disappeared in 2015:

The Blue Bull in Radcliff, KY also disappeared a year or two ago:

This Bull in Reno, NV is also gone as of last year:

The Giant Cougar in Zebulon, NC is gone now:

There are still three of these statues out there:

Two standing Esso Tigers are gone now.  This one in Mount Ephraim, NJ:

and this one in Verona, PA:

The only other one like this that I know of still out there on public display is in Toano, VA at a BP gas station.   [Google Street View]

More to come…


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