Hot Hot Hot — Central Valley Wrap-Up

It was a killer hot day.  I was wise enough to run the dogs a good long while in the morning when it was in the 70s.  Later, I managed to find a bit of river for them to swim and stand in.  Sparkle’s AC was running all day long.  At one point, when I started the engine after getting gas, there was a loudish whirring fan sound.  It lasted a few minutes and then went away.  Hasn’t made the noise since.  But I’m fearful of what could happen on the big two week trip coming up.

Anyhow — let’s start in Yuba City at Mug’s Liquor.  Groovy 1960s looking building:


I’m fearful that when those “MUGS” letters finally droop off, that the store will get a new plain ole’ box sign:


From Marysville.  This locksmith shop is still open.  But please don’t say anything to Bob about this peeling paint.  You know it’ll probably go badly if they do repaint:


Also in Marysville and also still open.   If you speak to “Cotton”, tell him how much this faded paint adds grit and integrity to the sign:


Two more signs from Marysville.  This one looks like it has new panels.  I assume the sign is a replica of the original:


Last one from Marysville.  Probably early 1960s with that combo neon & plastic:


From Oroville.  The neon in these channel letters is long gone.  There used to be another sign on top of those little brand name signs on the roof:


From Chico.  Simple and perfect sign but not so great light.  With three font styles and 60+ year old porcelain enamel that continues to shine:


Let’s wrap-up with a couple of signs from Red Bluff.  Both which apparently never get turned off:


Although the arrow’s tubing is broken, note the waggly tail that was surely animated.  Also admire the wood grain letters of “Tip’s”:


I’ll be back posting before you know it.  My big two week trip of the year starts July 18 (counting the days!).  The dogs and I are heading to Oregon & Washington.  Hoping for a tad cooler weather, please.

Until then, don’t forget there are some other photos that I’ve posted over at Flickr:

Happy summer!

dj & the dogs

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