Xmas by the Bay (Day 3 of 4)

I’ve got a couple more shots from San Francisco and then moving on to the East Bay.   I’ll keep this post short and sweet with just a handful of signs:



This one was just repainted.  It was crummy looking in 2013.  The neon had been broken since forever.  While new neon would have been nice, this is far better than a plastic box.  The new detail that I like is the olive painted on the glass on the side of the sign:



From San Leandro:



The rest of the photos in this post are from Oakland:



From the Kay Chesterfield upholstery shop:



A fella working at this place said his father built this artist’s palette sign.  So, it’s always advertised for a body shop:



Classic and classy:



The inscription on the building is also “Fruitvale Medical Building” so the text on this sign is probably original.  I don’t know about the paint color though.  All that peachy beige seems a little too dreamy.  I’m guessing it was originally more contrasting — like classic navy and white:



This wonderful arrow is at Oakland Imported Cars.



One more post to go!

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